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Copyright Tutorial

If you need to get information about how to copyright your songs online and save money, view our Copyright Tutorial here.

Groove-Phonic News

Groove-Phonic has just finished albums for two independent artists - Dennis Sierra's new album "Song of Life", and "Paradise by Sam Robinson Thalluri.


If you are an independent musician who has created a catalog of musical works or an album, and you’ve got that perfect final mix — now you need the ultimate touch, the total audio enhancement that Mastering will provide. Our producers' mastering engineering skills will blow you away - try our low introductory mastering offer and see. Use Coupon Code 27MASTER for instant 35% discount.

Online Music Mixing

If you are an independent producer or artist that records tracks but needs assistance with mixing - you have come to the right place. We will hook up your mix - all you have to do is record your tracks and send us the parts. See the #Mixing section. Our online music mixing services are the best quality you'll find for equivalent cost.


If you are a midi producer who writes great music, but just doesn't get that right sound due to limitations of resources - be it hardware, software, VST instruments or whatever is required to get that big sound - we can help you. See our music production services.

Audio Mastering

is a necessary step. Get a leg up on your sound now by downloading our free report on exactly how to optimize your mix for mastering - these little tweaks make all the difference in the world. Get started now by clicking the button above.

Meet the Engineer
Introducing Funkmeister H. aka Hugh J. Hitchcock, your producer/mastering engineer. Hugh has been active in the music industry for several decades including having written and/or produced hit songs worldwide including releases on United Artists, BBC Radio and thousands of other venues. Call Hugh today for a free consultation (305) 490-5338 or contact us through the website. You are also invited to check out Hugh's personal blog at
Groove-Phonic Production Examples

Song of Life by Dennis Sierra

Our latest artist release - "Song of Life" by Dennis Sierra mixed, mastered and co-produced by Funkmeister H. here at Groove-Phonic studios.


Our mastering engineers have experience and feel for all kinds of music. We’ll issue a technically perfect master with the soul of the music intact. Order mastering today.

We regularly mix tracks by leading hip hop, RnB, Pop, EDM and Dance music artists and producers. All we need is your tracks, either uploaded to us through our File Upload Center or sent via thumb drive.

Start with your barebones track of your song recorded acoustically, or your midi parts, and let us build your production from the ground up with fine attention to musical detail.

CD Master
Have us create your physical CD masters on high quality Taiyo Yuden media from your uploaded tracks. Includes your barcode and all ISRC codes, cue sheet and three physical CDs shipped to your door after you approve the preview master.

We are technical experts in music and we also know our way around the mechanics of music marketing. If you need help publicizing your music, your artist or your production label, consider utilizing our music marketing services for your album or act.

We have a limited amount of special package deals available for various music and marketing services. Click here to view them.

Press Release
Get YOUR band, artist or release to the top of Google with our Musicians’ Press Release Service. We have tons of experience getting press releases distributed globally, getting you results fast. Just $79!

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