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Order Now - then, relax and leave the hard work to us! End up with an amazing album that you'll be proud to release.

We regularly mix tracks by leading hip hop, RnB, EDM and Dance artists. The tracks featured in the videos and soundclouds on this page were all mixed and mastered by Groove-Phonic. Here's why youshould hire us to mix your tunes:

  • We will give your music a professional, polished sound, using a sophisticated, but never overdone sense of depth and shine.
  • We know how to lay all the parts in their correct frequency range to get the fullest sound.
  • We employ groups and stem style mixing on almost every song.
  • We have an excellent knowledge of the application of effects sends and chains
  • We know how to optimize your mix for the mastering process. And, since we always include mastering free of charge with all mixing orders, we can always go back into the mixing phase if something stands out in the mastering phase.

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