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Smart-Idea1Order Now. CD Mastering is an important step in the process of publishing a new CD or music release. It involves sound enhancement but it has another more important purpose, which is to incorporate a collection of songs or musical works into a structured catalog with an information store. Such information includes the name and composer of each song, the title of the CD and artist name, along with product identifiers such as barcodes and/or ISRC codes.

Here at Groove-Phonic Mastering we provide a barcode and ISRC codes included with every CD mastering order received. When a CD master is done, the first step is to import all the audio files into one central location or mastering project so the engineer can work on the entire collection at once. After the tracks are imported, the audio engineer will attempt to make sure all the songs are heard at the same level and tonal spectrum. Sometimes this involves doing separate EQs on each song, depending on how different each track is. Also the sound engineer should inspect the beginning and ending of each track in the collection, and trim off any unusual noise or audio elements not related to the music, and trim off any excess silence at the beginning and ending in order to make sure the indexed track contains just the music intended for the song and nothing extraneous. Finally the engineer will listen to the entire collection and watch for any unusual things that may stand out from one song to the next, and address any noticeable differences between songs so that the collection will be listened to and heard as a cohesive unit.

Once all this has been accomplished, the engineer will create and burn a test master and then tracks can then be ripped and sent to the client (or the CD master itself) to be listened to and evaluated. Once the CD master is accepted by the client, the mastering engineer can create multiple burns of the same master CD for the clients use in sending to the pressing plant. Or they can be used by the client themselves to duplicate their CDs for sale. Alternatively a ddp file can be exported by high end mastering software for a flawless digital copy of the CD master which can also be sent to or downloaded by the pressing plant for replication. Please use the convenient form below to order your CD masters.

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