Copyright Tutorial

How to Copyright Your Music Online and Save Money

We have provided this copyright tutorial because a lot of our customers ask me exactly what is required to publish music in the real world. Of course, the first thing I will tell you is to get your songs copyrighted. Since the copyright office is online now, you can register multiple works under one filing fee to save money, and protect your songs at the same time.

In this video, I explain exactly how to copyright your songs online, with multiple songs under one filing fee. Additionally I cover some of the "gotchas" you should be aware of when filing online and uploading your tracks.

One of the other important points discussed in this video is the difference between form PA and form SR and the different types of protection each one affords you. This is critical information and not to be misssed, if you aren't fully familiar with the subtle differences between the two.

Play This Video for the Copyright Tutorial

I hope you find this Copyright tutorial to be effective and helpful. Don't hesitate to leave us comments or email with any questions.

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