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Frequently Asked Questions about our Promotional Offer


How does your Free Master Promotion work?

The Company offers to furnish you a digital download of an audio-enhanced version of your original uploaded audio file, or a “Free Master”, at no charge to you as a promotion. This master file will be produced by Groove-Phonic Audio Mastering engineers using the best of their know-how to provide you with a professional radio-ready audio file in 16bit wave format. In exchange for this free product we request that you register your name and email address with us in order to facilitate the automated notification process which will contact you once we have uploaded your finished free master.

How do I sign up for a Free Master?

Free Master PromotionTo get in line for your free master, please go to the free master promotion page and click the button, then enter your name and email address and submit your information. This will activate your account into our system and you will receive an automated email with your own special web URL for uploading your files. Our system tracks your song as it gets uploaded and then downloaded back to you. When the mastering job is finished on your free song, our automated system will notify you via the email address your signed up with, again with your own special link for downloading your finished master along with comments from the mastering engineer, if any were entered by the engineer. We will try to get it done within 48 hours, but due to the volume of paid clients we generally do the free masters all at once, twice per week. So it could be less than 24 hours, depending on the schedule, but there is also a possibility that it could take up to 4 days. But please don't lose heart... we will email you with your master download link just as soon as we get your master done.

What about my song's copyright?

We grant ourselves no rights whatsoever to your musical compositions or the sound recording which we give to you – except one: we would like to borrow a 35 second clip from your song as an example of our work, before and after mastering, and put that clip on our website, if we decide to select your song for our “Before and After” page. So please be aware, we assume that by accepting our free master promotional offer, you are granting us the right to grab a 35 second clip from your song and post it in our mp3 player alongside a 35 second clip of the finished master, on our Before and After page, if we feel it’s appropriate and helpful. No big whoop really, but I thought I’d best mention it here so there are no surprises.

Regarding your uploaded song: by us doing your free master, we assume no rights at all in either your song, or the free master file we deliver as a free promotion — you will own the free master sound recording free and clear of all encumbrances. It will be your prerogative to copyright that master as a sound recording (SR) registration at, confirming your full rights to the sound recording. We do ask that if you do publish the master on a CD or website, somewhere in the fine print give us a shout out like “song mastered by Groove-Phonic at” We’d really appreciate it! And we’d also appreciate it if you remember us when it is time to get your entire album mastered!

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