Bringing the Shine and Pumping Up The Volume of Your Mixed Tracks

If you are an independent musician or producer who has created a catalog of musical works or an album, and you’ve got that perfect final mix — now you need the ultimate touch, the total audio enhancement that Mastering will provide. Order now!

Mastering is a necessary step. Before a mix can be released, it should be mastered in order to bring out all the highs and lows. For radio play, there can be no errant spikes or inaudible sections – without mastering, a song won’t be in tune with the level of technology deployed in modern radio and television. An album on CD needs to be organized and arranged so that all the songs have the same level and relatively same frequency levels so that the product is of uniform quality throughout, with the proper codes embedded into the final product such as barcodes and ISRCs.

Managing all of this while still retaining the artist’s original dynamic meaning is a tricky process that requires the finest musical mind as well as technical expertise. Our technicians here at Groove-Phonic Mastering are award-winning record producers, who are virtuoso musicians as well as being experts in the technical side of audio production. So we understand the viewpoint of the artist. This enables us to provide the finest insight into audio mastering for your particular music, while at the same time trying our best to remain affordable for the average independent musician.

Groove-Phonic Mastering and MIxingWe truly treat your music as if it were our own. Here at Groove-Phonic we LOVE ALL Music. We come from a family of musicologists, which gives us an edge over most other engineers. We know what the authentic, historic context is for whatever kind of music you need to have mastered, whether it be soul music, new age music, gospel music, rock music, pop music, funk, jazz, rap, hip hop, neo-soul, or whatever. We know what you will need in your master. You can listen to examples of our work on this page by playing the Youtube embedded video or those on other pages in the site. We have sections on mixing where you can hear examples of our mixing as well. Just browse to the part of the site you’re interested in, and sample the clips in that section. If you want to hear before and after mastering examples, click here.

As a promotion, we offer the ability to test our services by getting a free master done. To get your free master, go here. Our regular prices are $45 per song or $450 per album of up to 15 songs, but we often run specials at much lower pricing. Check our current specials for today's pricing.

Manage your account online. After you make payment of your selected services through Paypal, you will be awarded your client id, which you will then use to enter our online upload system. Simply upload your files — it doesn’t matter how large they are. We recommend you have at least 16 bit wav files (max 24bit) to get the best results. However, we can work with mp3 files or pretty much any kind of audio file. You will receive notifications on the status of your order and you’ll be able to review your files online.

Quick turnaround and final product. After you upload your files, we will do our best to get your project finished within 48 business hours. After we finish your album or songs, we make the finished master available via download. You can sample the tracks to make sure you are satisfied with the final result. After you confirm, we will then send you by priority mail (or Fedex for an extra charge) one duplication master CD and two reference master CDs. The duplication master should be sent directly to the pressing plant without being touched. You’ll have the two reference masters to audition the final master before sending off the duplication master to the pressing plant.

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