Mixing and Mastering

We Blend Your Parts to Perfection; then Pump Up the Shine with a Professional Master

Upload your files to us using our handy uploader. We will execute your mix flawlessly and creatively, using world-class mixing paradigms, and provide electronic or postal delivery of your master.

Mixing and Mastering online basically requires four steps:

  • First, you upload your project to us using our convenient uploader page (see the navigation menu on the side of the page.) Our engineers will work with you to determine the best method for you to export your project to us for optimum mixing ability.
  • Once we have your project files, we loadthem into our music production environment, and apply our creative expertise to your hard work. The results are astonishingly pleasing to both our artists and our engineers.
  • We send you mp3 files of your mix, allowing you to critique and make comments to us in order to zero in on exactly what our artist requires.
  • Once you are satisfied with our mix, we then enter into the mastering process. (Our current price for mixing includes mastering at no extra charge.) Once the master is done to your satisfaction, we deliver high resolution wav files either by electronic delivery, or by postal mail (whichever you decide upon.)

We can mix from your track outs and certain types of project compilations, as well as generating sounds from your midi tracks (for additional charge). We can also produce your tracks from the ground up (see our section on full music production).

Whatever you decide, Groove-Phonic will come through for you with world-class Mixing and Mastering online. See what our clients are saying about us!

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