Digital Music Production Breakthrough

Digital Music Production – get a crystal clear mix In this video, Hugh discusses his breakthrough in digital music production when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering audio using computers. When first learning digital recording, it took several years of trial and error before learning the secret of how to get the perfect, crystal-clear mix, recording and producing music on the computer. Digital Recording Magic

VST Instruments – the Best of 2013/2014

If you are a home recording enthusiast, then you may be interested in this – VST Instruments – the Best of 2013/2014 “If you are a music producer then you probably use VST Instruments regularly in your pursuit of the dopest beat or the next big hit. This video will keep you up to date on the latest and best Vst INSTRUMENTS for this year. Best 10 Vst INSTRUMENTS 2013/2014 “E’ la mia?Read More »

Dasky Signed to Release EP on Digital Empire Records

We’re pleased to announce Dasky EDM will be releasing a new EP on Digital Empire Records this June 25. The EP will be entitled “Just Say No” after the song of that name. We are humbly proud to have been a part of Dasky’s music production enterprise and we look forward to working even more closely with his new record label Furious Funk Records. Dasky “Evil Empire” excerpt mastering example?Read More »

Independent Record Companies Growing, Market Research Shows

This is just good news for all independent record companies, producers and artists, all the way around. Music Industry Market Research Shows Independent Record Companies On the Rise hhitch "The news just gets better for independent music artists and record companies… there has never been a better time to be in the music business for yourself. Pretty much anyone that owns a computer will be mixing and mastering their own?Read More »

New Plugins for Audio Mastering Released by Universal Audio

Some interesting audio mastering news from Sonic Scoop tells us about some new compressor plugins for mastering and mixing. Sounds like a great set of tools that we will be adding to our arsenal of weapons! Universal Audio To Release Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor & K … SonicScoop "Today, Universal Audio (UA) announced two new plug-ins for their UAD platform and … Like the hardware version, UA reports, the Shadow?Read More »

Mastering and Mixing Orchestral Music with Cubase – a Video

Cubase Tutorial – Mixing and Mastering Orchestral Music This is a very interesting tutorial on mastering and mixing orchestral music with Steinberg's Cubase. The software can be used as a number of musical environments. People often consider Cubase purely a DAW for constructing and mixing songs, but it can also be used as a mastering workspace as well.

Mastering Engineer Doug Shearer Interviewed On Video

This site seems to continue to provide interesting material on mixing and mastering. Interview with Mixing and Mastering expert Doug Shearer    “Interview with Audio Mastering Engineer – Doug Shearer (Kasabian, Gorillaz, Jamelia) expert on mixing and mastering …” For more information about the Audio Mastering courses please get in touch with our course advisors at [email protected] In this video Luke Hopper interviews Point Blank tutor Doug Shearer who has?Read More »

Damumalik Releases New EP Album “Imagism”

Love In Theory – Damumalik (teaser) This year we had the extreme honor of mixing and mastering an EP album by a new artist named Damumalik. Damu creates all his own music tracks one part at a time, and his production style is ethereal and atmospheric, whilst retaining a rhythmic pulse that might be considered an esoteric vein of RnB or perhaps could be described as Neo-Soul. He claims Sade?Read More »

Check out ROBO LOVE from Cobrazar! Slammin’ Track!

Robo Love EDM Track from Cobrazar! We had the pleasure of working with Cobrazar this last year – he's an amazing EDM composer who continually turns out high quality jams. Here's ROBO LOVE! From Cobrazar. From the video –   "Here's a hard hitting track that will blow your speakers and audience away, Robo Love officially available with a free download in the descriptions below. Mastered @ -check out?Read More »