R.E Clipz / Proficient Records “We On”
mixed and mastered by Groove-Phonic

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Each week or so we will present a new selection from different artists here on GroovePhonics.com. This week, we are proud to present rising star R.E. Clipz, with a preview from his upcoming album release, “We On” written and rapped by R.E. Clipz, mixed and mastered by Groove-Phonic and released by Proficient Records.

Kontoob’s article is still available on this website, you can view his news video via the link in this sentence. We hope to get a video of Kontoob’s hit “Break Your Heart” soon and feature him again.

We just started a new section on mixing as we’re seeing a lot of people are interested in getting help with their mixing, and we do an awesome job of mixing, producing and mastering here at Groove-Phonic. We’ll be adding mixing examples in just a few days so stay tuned.