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Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

Please note that we have a refund policy for our mastering products, and a separate refund policy for our mixing products. We suggest you read them thoroughly before placing any order on our website. By placing an order on our website, you agree to abide by the appropriate policy.

Mastering Refund Policy

Being that the nature of our work is the audio enhancement, and preparation of the clients’ original musics, the work is inherently labor-intensive, and is the application of a highly-skilled craft. Our the end-user product is an electronic deliverable audio file such as a wav or mp3, and it is clear that once the deliverable has been received by the client, our work has already been done and cannot be undone. Therefore, before issuing any refund, we must verify that there is a problem, and attempt to resolve it for the client, if at all possible. It is up to the client to communicate these issues, which, due to the nature of music being a highly personal and subjective preference, will always be a problem or idea in the mind of the customer, which not might be immediately evident to us (or anyone in the world for that matter) without the customer bringing it to our attention in very clear terms, hopefully in an email so we can study the issue.

The choice to work with a mastering engineer involves a minimal amount of collaboration between you, the customer, and us, the professionals. By placing an order on our website, you agree to involve yourself in some degree of collaboration with us over the process of completing your project. Of course, we have plenty of expertise, as well as our own opinions about how music should sound. But at the end of the day it is you, the customer, who decides what is right or wrong. Therefore, it is only fair that you, the customer should be able to communicate your issues to us as clearly as possible and as frequently as necessary to keep us on the path that you require for your music.

If you have any problems at all with our product, please bring them to our attention immediately and provide detailed information about the nature of the problem so that we may attend to the issue within a short timeframe. Work with us to understand your issue and give us at least three chances to get it right. If, after three (3) attempts to resolve the issue on our end after it being brought to our attention, there are demonstrable deficiencies in the product, or we are simply unable to achieve the desired result, we will issue a full refund with no questions asked.

that is our Mastering Refund Policy. Now on to Mixing.

Mixing Refund Policy

We offer a limited refund policy on Mixing orders: No Questions Asked 100% refund within 48 business hours of you placing your order. During the first 48 hours of placing your mixing order with us, you should be able to determine if this was the choice for you. However, we will not do any work within the first 48 business hours. No refunds will be issued after the first 48 business hours of a Mixing order and after we start working. The most difficult part of a mixing job is done at the very beginning, when a lot of bandwidth is expended downloading your files, and the project is set up to import your files, the tempo synched, and other technical functions involved with the import and setup of a new mixing project. Often, it is during that part of the job that we encounter problems with your files, such as distorted vocals, transient spikes in the recordings, multiple parts recorded onto the same track, stereo tracks with audio only on one side, mono tracks that need to be converted to stereo, and so forth. All of these issues have to be addressed technically before the mixing can even begin. So we are not kidding when we say that the beginning of a mixing job is really the bulk of the hard work of the job.

Once the initial mixing project setup is done, We will go to work putting together a mix based upon the preferences you expressed to us at the time you placed your order. We will then send you a mixdown of the track for your comments. This is how you, the customer, and us, the provider, communicate — we send you a mixdown, and you comment back to us. This back-and-forth goes on until the mix is to the customer’s satisfaction. If something in the mix is not to the customer’s satisfaction, it is the customer’s responsibility to communicate -exactly- what is wrong in the mix so that we may address the problem. This may go on for some time. The customer must be aware that this is a normal, natural part of music production, and it may go on for some time until the final mix is reached. Even in the biggest studios in the world, it is unusual to finish a hit song without at least ten mixdowns (usually it’s more like 100), so don’t expect the song to be exactly the way you want it after one, two, or even three mixdowns. We hope to get it to sound the way you want it within five mixdowns, but it may take more. You, as the customer/producer, are obligated to collaborate with us as each new mix is generated, in order to tweak each next mix into shape until it finally is what you want it to be.

Please Note - our going rate for mixing is $25 per hour and our packages are based on that structure. We will be happy to continue working on your track but remember that our rate is $25 per hour and once the initial payment has been used in terms of hours, we may ask for additional payment. Usually we can get your song mixed within 4 hours, but additional requests beyond the four hours will require additional payment if a basic package was purchased.

Please do not place any mixing order until you are familiar with these concepts, and are ready to agree by these terms.

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