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Our Client List includes proponents of a wide variety of musics and many respected artists. The following are mostly unsolicited reviews and comments from some of our clients and what they’ve had to say about our services here at Groove-Phonic Audio Mastering and Mixing:

"Very satisfied with the new master bro!!!!" - Willie Bobo

"I put in a lot of effort formulating the vocal ad-libs and I'm very please with the way you blend the vocals! You bring it to the next level, I love it!! 🤗  Thanks so much" - Petrina Sarah Chew

"It was a real pleasure having Hugh mix and master my 'Song of Life' CD. You definitely elevated the content to another level. I was very pleased with the final mix and will most definitely work again with you on future recordings and production endeavors. Thanks Hugh!" - Dennis Sierra

“The more I listen the better it gets!!! You did a great job man! It’s truly exactly how I hoped it would be! Rocking out as I type!” Bradley Tatum

“Thank you for everything, Hugh! Don’t know what this project would be without you. Warmest Regards, Damu” Damumalik

“Hello , I do appreciate your fast communication with me also really love the feedback you have given… I love what you did with it... thanks so much you are my go to guy now… WOW!!!!!!!”Kontoob  — (here is a cool news video presentation about Kontoob)

“Best $$ you could ever spend! Groove-Phonic gave my tracks the professional sound I was looking for, and was able to help my tracks gain the attention from a new label, which I recently signed with!”Danny Kadesky, Furious Funk Records

“Hugh i really appreciate u doing the second master that was def beyond what i expected and we liked the sound of the second one much better def cleaner, and that was a tough track cause there is so much low end but it sounded amazing and we blew the roof off Santos Party House in nyc so thanks again my man… BASSLIFT” Matt Zarcone, BASSLIFT

I’ve listened to the second set of masters and I let Roosevelt Mitchell know I’m COMPLETELY SATISFIED with what I heard. I thank you Hugh for your professionalism and the passion for the work you do. On behalf of Mr. Mitchell and myself, we sincerely appreciate everything and I will definitely be referring other clients to you…Gerald Nichols, Calvary Recording, Jackson MS

“You’re a god, Hugh. Sounds frickin amazing, exactly what I wanted from it…. all of it sounds phenomenal… I’m really glad we went with you for the mixing. Can’t say enough how jazzed I am about the quality of this mix though. I can tell you really pay attention to each individual track and really know what you’re doing. I really appreciate you listening to my requests for the mix, and the timeliness of delivery… seriously man, consumate professional.”Sedric Pierretti – Elevated Minds Crew

“We are being played by DJ Fresh” RE.Clipz

“Hugh — Wow man, what can I say, sounds much better, more precise than before. I have one track I’d like to have mastered and if its better for me to invest towards mixing. Might as well do it. And I really appreciate the fact that you guys do free mastering for us the clients to check out how well your services are. It builds trust between your clients and your company. You also have very reasonable prices for mastering, definitely going to ring you up every time I need something completed.”Cobrazar

Hugh you are the best man!!! … it’s an honor to have your company mastering this album. We are excited. Again you truly have an ongoing client with us. And after discussing everything with the engineer we are going with the masters that you have completed! These are amazing!!! Thank you.Robert Sumpter, Open Words | Melodic Wreckchords

“Hugh, We love your mastering. Nice job on ‘Isaiah 52′ also. We are now ready to present our cd to the world!!!”Ross and Heather Parmley

Sounds really great man! Thank you!!! Like I think I said this was my first job I ever had mastered and I am really pleased with the whole experience. You are very quick, easy to work with and good and what you do!! Thank you! Bradley Tatum

“Dude…yesss. Lovin’ it! You are the f***ing man. Brought out the best in my bass and vocals. such a difference. Im happy i stopped by man… I love them man! Thank you so muchh! U fixed my **** song sooo much. ahhh. Straight up, ‘hero’ status. Im soo stoked right now, you have no idea. Me and my friends are blastin these rite now. So i hope you feel proud of your work. haa… I appreciate you ‘actually’ caring. Hard to find that within business ppl nowadays.”- Ryan Marks, avant garde mix composer

“You did GREAT!!! We were very thrilled to hear what you did to the songs…they sounded really good and full…awesome!!! Thanks again…you did flat awesome!!!!!!! …we received the CDs yesterday, just as promised! Thank you again for all your help and the great job you did on our CD!!! God Bless!!!”Retha Cole, Cole Family Bluegrass

“You are a blessing! I couldn’t have released my album without you. Thank you so much for the fine job you did mixing and mastering.”EMI Records artist Jade Comeaux

“Hey man, I got the CD’s and it sounds awesome. Thanks a lot once again.”rap artist K-NO

“Got the songs and it’s awesome!!! I let everyone that was in the studio listen and they were smiling. Once again I will like to thank you for your superb work and service… Once we finish the full album for **** we will be sending that over to get mastered. Thanks again for all your help and expertise.”Terik N.

“Yes I Love it! In fact… we’re going to push the song now. Your skills are fantastic! I have another album that I’m working on and I would like you to master the whole thing!”Kadeem “Beezy” Pardue

“thank you so much! sounded great! and very fast turn around, love it. I’m definitely coming to you for the rest.”Max Noce

“i love it, thanks for the perfect sound and i will be working with yall again real soon”Jakouri F.

“thanks for the feed back and the mixing tip, also the master does sound great I look foward to working with you guys again… and thats a great f**kin price for the quality i can already hear in your master work i can imagine how it would sound if u mixed it too!”Justin B.

Well, we here at Groove-Phonic can only say thank you so much to our continually growing list of valued clients for giving us the opportunity to serve your musical needs. – Hugh, Proprietor Mastering Engineer and Producer

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