Song Mastering

We will Master Your Song to Perfection

Includes digital delivery of your mastered track via 16 bit wav file

Smart-Idea1Order Now. After your order is placed, you will instantly receive your Client ID and access to our Client File Upload center, and an instructional video on how to upload your files to us.

Once we receive your file(s), we will place your order in our queue and when your song is "on the bench", it will receive our complete 100% attention -- your master will be completed with competence and sensitivity with the focus on making your music sound its absolute best under all possible conditions and playback venues. Some call this the process of making music "Radio-ready". And indeed, your music will be as radio-ready as it ever will be once we get done with our work!

Order song mastering today from Groove-Phonic - you'll be glad you did and you'll be able to hit the ground running with a polished production that gets you music as close as it can get to success without any technical drawbacks or hinderances.

Disclaimer: our results are, of course, dependent upon the quality of the source material presented for mastering. In most cases quality is not an issue but in the case of damaged, distorted or technically deficient files, we do our best - and we'll make it as close to radio ready as it could possibly be. In fact, while we don't claim to be miracle workers, a few miracles have been known to have been accomplished in these hallowed studios 🙂

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