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How Do I Make Money as an Audio Engineer?

Hey folks, Matthew Weiss here — weiss-sound.com, theproaudiofiles.com, and tonight, we’re going to answer the question, “How do I make money as an audio engineer?” This is a question I get pretty often, and I always have the same answer, it’s two steps. Step number 1, get really good at what you do, step number […]

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Mastering 101: How to Master a Song

Mastering Basics — Matthew Weiss breaks it down in this video. When talking about mastering, it’s very important to realize that it’s basically just another level of mixing. It’s solidifying the entirety of the record, ensuring that it translates, making last minute tweaks, things that you will want to see happen to the overall mix. In […]

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Mastering Engineer Doug Shearer Interviewed On Video

This site seems to continue to provide interesting material on mixing and mastering. Interview with Mixing and Mastering expert Doug Shearer    “Interview with Audio Mastering Engineer – Doug Shearer (Kasabian, Gorillaz, Jamelia) expert on mixing and mastering …”www.pointblankonline.net For more information about the Audio Mastering courses please get in touch with our course advisors […]

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