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The Troubled Beatle – John Lennon Biography

He had a boyish smile, a rebellious hairstyle, and a lilting Liverpudlian accent. His genius extended beyond music, to wordplay and visual arts. While he excited and inspired teens, he frightened parents and pastors, and was a target of the Nixon-era FBI. Who was this British phenom? Well, that would be the inimitable John Lennon. […]

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Mastering and Mixing Orchestral Music with Cubase – a Video

Cubase Tutorial – Mixing and Mastering Orchestral Music This is a very interesting tutorial on mastering and mixing orchestral music with Steinberg's Cubase. The software can be used as a number of musical environments. People often consider Cubase purely a DAW for constructing and mixing songs, but it can also be used as a mastering […]

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