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FL Studio 12 COMPLETE Basic Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the long awaited FL Studio 12 Complete Basic Tutorial I am Nathaniel Fisher And I’d like to firstly begin by apologising for the low quality and poor organisation in the original FLStudio Complete Basic Tutorial That was nearly three years ago now and with the release of FLStudio 12 One of […]

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Compression 101: How to Use a Compressor

In this video, I’ll be providing an introduction to the use of compressors for audio engineers. I’ll be presenting this material at a foundational level for those of you that are new or inexperienced to using compressor. I’ll talk about the basic functionality of how a compressor and also get into the key terms that […]

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Choosing Audio Gear, Equipment and Crew for Documentary Productions

Most people don’t realize that audio is the most important part of any production. Simply put, if you can’t hear the narration or interviews, no one will know what your story is all about. That’s why it’s so important to get the right gear that can make your audio sound clear. A good audio kit […]

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